The Process

What is involved in the process of becoming a Foster Carer?


Initial Enquiry

An initial no obligation conversation with one of our Social Workers. Establishing a few key points and establishing whether to move forward in the process.

Home Visit

A brief home visit by one of our Supervising Social Workers. There will be an introduction to Mulberry and Fostering and an opportunity for you to ask any questions.


If both parties have agreed to move forward the next step is a detailed application form. It will include information on all close family, before being assessed by Mulberry.


Once the application is accepted you will have an Assessor allocated. There will be 8 home visits to get a picture of your family life. All family members will be included at this stage.


Background checks are performed at this stage. This includes DBS and Local Authority checks. At this stage, your home will also be subject to a Heath and Safety assessment.


The pre-approval training will give you the opportunity to talk to other applicants, existing carers and the trainers. We will also explain the post-approval training available.


Everyone hoping to become a Foster Carer will need to attend a meeting in front of an approval panel. They will look at a report of all the information presented and will make a recommendation to Mulberry Fostercare.

Approved Foster Carer

This is the final stage. Once the panel has made a recommendation to approve or not this will be passed to our agency decision maker who will make a final decision.

Working with birth families can be difficult but also really rewarding. I had two little boys for a short period and remember bumping into one mum after the boys had gone home. She said they still talked about me and it was such a good feeling to know they had enjoyed their time with me.

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