Much like a traditional job, Mulberry Foster Care understand and appreciate that as professional Foster Carer’s you may wish to expand your experience and development with another agency.

We also understand that this can be a daunting decision having been through an assessment process and building relationships with the team at the Local Authority or Agency. As such, we aim to make the transfer process as smooth as possible. As a current Foster Carer wishing to transfer to Mulberry Foster Care we can offer you:

  • An expedited Assessment process. We are unable to provide exact timescales as each applicant is different but as a current carer, much of the information needed for our assessment is easily obtainable. We will also ensure that your Form F process commences expeditiously.
  • Any training you have previously been completed will not be asked to be repeated. We will only require additional training if it is needed and not as a matter of course.
  • We are more than willing to assist in a Foster Carer’s development. If you are wanting to be assessed for Parent and Child or Siblings for example and you are not currently approved within your IFA/LA – we are more than willing to explore these options with you.
  • A generous welcome package as current carers

There are a number of misconceptions about transferring agencies. Some of the most common misconceptions are as follows:

  • If you have a current placement, transferring agencies DOES NOT affect your current placement. They will transfer with you.
  • People are concerned that they have to start the entire FORM F process again. It is true that as an Agency we cannot rely on the assessment of another agency or local authority but as a current carer, you will have much of the information required and the assessment can be expedited.
  • The transfer process itself is a relatively smooth one and does not cause the stress or anxiety many people believe it will

If you would like to discuss a potential transfer. Contact us today!